10 Southeast Asian Specialties around the world

Susad.org – Every country must have food that is characteristic of that country. In the Asian region, it is not only East Asia whose specialties are famous in the world such as sushi from Japan, kimchi from South Korea, or dim sum from China. Southeast Asia also has a variety of special foods that certainly have a taste that is no less delicious. Most of Southeast Asian specialties have a slightly spicy taste with very authentic spices. For those of you who are curious about Southeast Asian specialties, see the reviews below:

1. Rendang – Indonesia

It is no secret that rendang is a very famous Indonesian dish in the world. Rendang has even been included in CNN’s list of the ten most delicious foods in the world. Rendang is made from beef or buffalo cooked with coconut milk and spices for hours, resulting in a very distinctive taste and aroma. Apart from rendang, fried rice is also a world-famous Indonesian food.

2. Nasi Lemak – Malaysia

This Malaysian nasi lemak is very popular among foreign tourists. Fat rice has a delicious taste because it is cooked with coconut milk. Nasi lemak is served with eggs, cucumber slices, anchovies and fried peanuts, and a chili sauce that you can’t miss.

3. Tom Yum Goong- Thailand

If you ask Thai food, the first answer is Tom Yum Goong. Tom yum goong is a seafood soup consisting of shrimp, fish and squid. The appearance of its reddish orange color makes many people tempted to taste it. Tom yum has a spicy sour taste that makes anyone addicted.

4. Nam – Vietnam

Nam is the most popular appetizer in Vietnam. Nam is made from various minced meats such as crab or shrimp mixed with chopped mushrooms, onions, duck eggs, and other spices that are mixed evenly and then put in a dumpling skin made of rice and then fried until cooked and crispy.

5. Adobo – Philippines

Filipino adobo is made from pork or chicken that is cooked in a fairly easy way, namely by boiling meat with soy sauce, vinegar, paprika, bay leaves and water until cooked and tender. The aroma is very fragrant and spicy. Adobo is usually eaten with white rice.


6. Laksa – Singapore

Laksa is a typical Singaporean food that you can easily find in every corner of Singapore. Laksa consists of noodles served with curry sauce, egg slices, bean sprouts, chicken, tofu, and shrimp. Although you can find it in Indonesia, this food is very rare in Indonesia.

7. Kaeng Som Gai – Laos

This Laos specialty is fairly simple with a light and fresh taste. Kaeng som gai, which is chicken soup, is made from boiled chicken meat with various spices such as lemongrass, basil, garlic, onions. This food is classified as very healthy and suitable for people who are on a diet.

8. Lahpet – Myanmar

Lahpet is a type of salad served in a container called ‘lahpet ohk’. In one lahpet ohk there are several sections filled with fried garlic, nuts, roasted sesame seeds, dried shrimp, grated ginger, and fried coconut. While in the middle contains tea pickles with sesame oil. The taste is very unique due to the unusual blend of ingredients.

9. Ambuyat – Brunei Darussalam

Ambuyat is a typical Brunei Darussalam food similar to Papeda from Papua because both are made from sago. The way to eat this ambuyat is pulled using chopsticks and then dipped in chopped, which is a thick sauce made from fermented small shrimp. Ambuyat is best eaten when it’s still hot.

10. Amok – Cambodia

Did you know that amok, which is a typical Cambodian food, is one of the oldest culinary delights in the world. Amok is made from fish cooked by steaming in curry and coconut milk in a bowl made of banana leaves. The aroma is fragrant and the taste is very tasty.