5 The Most Popular British Specialties

England is one of the largest countries currently on the European continent and the United Kingdom is one of the oldest countries in the world. No wonder so many people talk about the many British specialties found in this British country. Eeetts, it is not only the culture that is familiar, but also the typical food of this British country which is not infrequently the belle of the world.

So for all of you culinary lovers, it must be the law to strive for the typical food of this British country and should not until you miss it, friend. Loss if you do not eat the typical food of this British country which is very delicious and be excellent in the international arena.

  1. Black Pudding

The next typical British food is Black Pudding. Although this food has the name pudding, but this food is not really pudding.Black Pudding is a type of traditional sausage that originated in England. This particular British food is made from dried pork blood and lard. But many of the British people think that this food is better when created using pig blood that is still fresh and has not been clotted.

Generally all these culinary lovers love the typical British food on this one because of the strongest blood taste from this sausage. Black Pudding is one of the foods that has a fine texture but is easily damaged.In the prevalence of the British people often eat these foods at breakfast and on many special occasions. Black Pudding is usually served with spicy seasoning.

2. Yorkshire Pudding

The next typical British food is Yorkshire Pudding. This one is a typical food typical of food originating from the Yorkshire area. This pudding contrasts with pudding in general because this pudding has a meat and vegetable topping. This food is made from wheat flour, milk, water, and eggs that are baked on the stove, or in the oven.

3.Typical British Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips is a British food most sought after by all connoisseurs of culinary. This special food is created with the basic ingredients of fried fish and potatoes.

The taste of the fish combined with these savory potatoes will create anyone who strives for this special food to become addicted. This typical British food is often served thoroughly with English tar-tar sauce.

4.Lancashire Hotpot

The next typical British food is Lancashire Hotpot. This food is made from meat, onions, and potatoes cooked by baking techniques in a large pot about one day with a relatively small flame.

This particular food is very easy for us to make. This special food is often served at many party events. Lancashire Hotpot is a very suitable food served when the weather is cold.

5.Roast Meat

Roast Meat is a British food that has the best taste. The typical British food that you usually call grilled meat is one of the most suitable choices in the UK.

The basic ingredients used in the creation of this roast beef is beef ribs, goat, or even whole chicken. The golden method is very easy, not bad by baking it in the oven for not more than 2 hours.